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Fundraising Ideas

 Fundraising ideas guaranteed to make your event the centre of attention!

Fundraising with Crazy Sand – Crazy Hands on Fun!

 Crazy Sand

A superb sand art activity where children fill up unusual shaped bottles with layers of brightly coloured sand as a take home gift


Guaranteed Success at your School Fundraising events!

Over £1,300,00 has been raised by schools and other organisations in the last 15 years. Over 5,000 schools have used our fundraising ideas with great success and generated valuable fundraising income. Our products have been especially created to maximise interest at your fundraising event and give you a fabulous activity for the Children to enjoy!

No Risk Fundraising

No initial outlay, make a profit first and only pay for your order after your event!

Our special payment terms provide an easy no risk fundraising profit for your school or charity.

Profitable Fundraising Ideas

Make up to 100% Profit when using our range of fundraising ideas.

Purchase either our Crazy Sand ‘Start Up Kits’, or ‘Refill Kits’ if you are topping and don't require the funnels, scoops or sand containers. Also you can order individual selection of sand bottles and coloured sand packs tailored exactly to your event, and you can generate healthy profits for your good cause.

(See our Fundraising Kits to find out how much profit you can make)

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