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General Questions

Q How quickly can you deliver?
A We will deliver your order within 1 - 3 working days from the date you placed your order, anywhere within the UK. (Except Isles)
Q Can I get a quote (or total price) on various product items?
A Just go to the shopping cart (via icons above) and add items to shopping basket to get total amount.
Q When do we pay?
A We prefer you to pay when you place your order, however we offer schools/charities the facility to pay after the event. However to offer this facility we do require prompt payment once their event is over.
Q How much sand do you need for each pack of 5 bottles?
BottleWeight of Sand
Required (grammes)
Number of bottles
256Christmas Tree Bottle (Pack of 5)
258Santa Bottle (Pack of 5)
632Rudolph On Pudding Bottle (pack of 5)
633Santa On Train Bottle (pack of 5)
631Mad Elf Bottle (pack of 5)
630Jack Frost Bottle (pack of 5)
170Twist Bottle (Pack of 5)
172Star Pendant (Pack of 5)
629Cube Bottle (Pack of 5)
169Donut Bottle (Pack of 5)
622Bubbles /Pebbles Bottle (pack of 5)
627Larger Twist Bottle (pack of 5)
173Heart Pendant (Pack of 5)
175Dolphin Bottle (Pack of 5)
626Troll Bottle (pack of 5)
624Giraffe Bottle (pack of 5)
625Monkey on a log (pack of 5)
623Football Bottle (pack of 5)
180Shell Bottle (Pack of 5)
437Pony Bottle (pack of 5)
584Cartoon Dog (Pack of 5)
179Lion Bottle (Pack of 5)
176Dinosaur Bottle (Pack of 5)
181Shark Bottle (Pack of 5)
520Lemur Bottle (Pack of 5)
583Meerkat (Pack of 5)
521Penguin Bottle (Pack of 5)
414Orangutan Bottle (Pack of 5)
415Sea Horse Bottle (Pack of 5)
416Angel Fish Bottle (Pack of 5)
178Zebra Bottle (Pack of 5)
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Q Is there a brochure or catalogue?
A For a brochure call 0845 313 8444 or email us at enquires@crazysand.co.uk
Q What are the delivery charges?
A For all Fundraising packs up to a value of £150 the delivery charge is £6.95, for orders over £150 delivery is FREE.
Q Can we return any unused goods?
A No we are unable to offer this service. You can of course return any damaged goods and we will give you a refund or exchange the goods. This normally includes a restocking and delivery charge.
Q Can I buy the products for non-fundraising events?
A Yes
Q How do I pay for the goods?
A You can pay by cheque, credit card or bank transfer.
Q What is the average parcel size for a fundraising kit?
A All kits vary in size but the smaller kits are 30x30x30cms to the biggest kit which is 62x53x24cms. Box sizes may vary at time of dispatch
Q The online service is not working what do I do?
A Please call us on 0845 313 8444, leave a message if it's outside business hours and we will get back to you.

Sand Questions

Q How much sand do you need for each pack of 5 bottles?
A Each bottle is slightly different
BottleWeight of Sand
Required (grammes)
256Christmas Tree Bottle (Pack of 5)480 grammes
258Santa Bottle (Pack of 5)850 grammes
632Rudolph On Pudding Bottle (pack of 5)700 grammes
633Santa On Train Bottle (pack of 5)1275 grammes
631Mad Elf Bottle (pack of 5)700 grammes
630Jack Frost Bottle (pack of 5)775 grammes
170Twist Bottle (Pack of 5)225 grammes
172Star Pendant (Pack of 5)125 grammes
629Cube Bottle (Pack of 5)300 grammes
169Donut Bottle (Pack of 5)250 grammes
622Bubbles /Pebbles Bottle (pack of 5)600 grammes
627Larger Twist Bottle (pack of 5)700 grammes
173Heart Pendant (Pack of 5)225 grammes
175Dolphin Bottle (Pack of 5)875 grammes
626Troll Bottle (pack of 5)525 grammes
624Giraffe Bottle (pack of 5)475 grammes
625Monkey on a log (pack of 5)700 grammes
623Football Bottle (pack of 5)1225 grammes
180Shell Bottle (Pack of 5)800 grammes
437Pony Bottle (pack of 5)475 grammes
584Cartoon Dog (Pack of 5)625 grammes
179Lion Bottle (Pack of 5)700 grammes
176Dinosaur Bottle (Pack of 5)525 grammes
181Shark Bottle (Pack of 5)1200 grammes
520Lemur Bottle (Pack of 5)700 grammes
583Meerkat (Pack of 5)525 grammes
521Penguin Bottle (Pack of 5)700 grammes
414Orangutan Bottle (Pack of 5)1700 grammes
415Sea Horse Bottle (Pack of 5)500 grammes
416Angel Fish Bottle (Pack of 5)625 grammes
178Zebra Bottle (Pack of 5)475 grammes

We have a sand calculator to help you work out how much sand you need.
Q Is there enough sand included in the prepacked kits for the bottles?
A Yes
Q Can you change the bottles or sand in the prepacked kits?
A No these are pre packed and cannot be changed, however you can order additional products to add to your pre packed kit. (See order form)
Q How do I work out how much profit I will make?
A Multiply our recommended selling prices by the number of bottles, then take off your purchase costs
Q How many colours of sand are there?
  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue
  • White
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Orange
  • Black
  • Lime Green
Q Do you have a set of instructions for Crazy Sand?
Q Do you have recommended selling prices for Crazy Sand?
A Yes, click here for PDF of recommended selling prices
Q How do I stop the sand from mixing in the bottle?
A Once the bottle has been filled very gently tap bottle on a flat surface, and then add more sand and repeat if necessary
Q Are the bottles made of glass or plastic?
A The bottles are made of good quality clear plastic, and comply with toy safety regulations.
Q How big are the bottles?
A The bottles range in size the smallest being the Donut which is 7.5 cm to the Dolphin which is 13.5 cms. The Christmas bottles are about 8cms high. For exact dimensions on all bottles click on more info next to photo of each bottle (click here to go to bottle photos)
Q What quantity is the sand sold in?
A The sand is sold in 1 Kg bags.
Q Are there any new bottle shapes?
A We have introduced many new bottle designs over the last 10 years. Four new designs in 2009/10 which are the Orangutan, Crocodile, Seahorse, and Angel Fish. Additional new products are planned over the course of the next few years.

Find a Fossil Questions

Q How long does it take for the children to do this activity?
A Around 20 minutes per child
Q Do you have a set of instructions for Find a Fossil?
Q Do you have recommended selling prices for Find a Fossil?
Telephone order on:
0845 313 8444
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