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commercial opportunities

Would your business benefit from:

Customers spend longer on your site
Customers spending longer on site
Love by Children
A popular product that children will love
Great parental approval
Parental approval to purchase
Fun and interactive
A reputation for offering interactive and fun activities
Minimal supervision
Minimal supervision and set-up for products
Increase gross profits
An increase in gross profits?

If you tick yes to any of the above questions - or even all of them! - then Crazy Sand could be the answer.

Crazy Sand offers a unique opportunity for your business to make a healthy profit while providing children with a fun activity that they'll really enjoy. The chance to touch, explore and create with sand is something that children of all ages love - even the adult "kids"!

Girl holding heart and pony

Fresh and Exciting Designs

We know that is can be an uphill battle in keeping children engaged so we offer a wide range of designs, and different bottle changes to appeal to the widest possible audience

Girl making heart pendant

A High-Quality Product

The quality of the activities you offer will reflect on your business so it's essential to insist on the highest possible standards.

Crazy Sand is fully certified as being safe for children and has been tested to conform to the required EN71, 72 and 73 EU regulations. All test certificates are available upon request, and testing is updated every two years to ensure continued compliance.

Sand Table

Suitable for Everyone

You don't need to have a lot of space to have a Crazy Sand display. The more space you have, the greater your chance of maximising your profit but even a small area can work well and encourage customers to linger.

We will provide all the support you need to get started and have a range of different display options for buinesses to choose between. From large stand-alone outlets to smaller display tables, Crazy Sand is the product that no family-friendly business can afford to be without.

Limited opportunities

Limited Opportunities

We work closely with all the businesses that stock Crazy Sand, providing on going support with displays, point of sale and pricing.

Due to this intensive support we can only offer a limited number of spaces every year to stock Crazy Sand.



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