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Crazy Sand History

In 1995 the Crazy Sand craft activity was created as a fun and imaginative way to give delight and joy to Children by filling up unusual shaped bottles with brightly coloured sand.

Crazy Sand is now recognised as the premier name associated with coloured sand in bottles.

All of the Crazy Sand bottles have been uniquely designed here in the UK, with Children in mind to capture their imagination and to stimulate their creativity when participating in the Crazy Sand activity.

The Crazy Sand bottle shapes have been developed to create maximum fun for children at events and parties. There are over 21 Crazy Sand bottles in the range including these favourites Dolphin, Heart Pendant, Shell and Pony and many other wonderful designs to choose from. The unique bottle designs are of the highest quality and by using our 10 vibrant colours of sand children can create their own striking souvenir.


Fundraising with Crazy Sand

Crazy Sand is a monster hit at fundraising events such as pta school or charity events. We have developed special starter fundraising kits which have been specifically designed to maximise the fundraising efforts of schools and charities who can buy our fundraising kits and can make up to 100% profit for their good cause.

It takes around 5 to 10 minutes for each child to do a sand bottle and once complete it’s theirs to keep! It’s popular, fun and easy!


Birthday Parties with Crazy Sand

If you are wondering how to entertain several kids at your child’s next birthday party, then you have come to the right place! Crazy Sand will give them all the fun and excitement they are looking for. You can make up your own Sand Art Kit for Birthday Parties with our unique sand art bottles (available in packs of 5), virbrant coloured sand (available in 1kg bags), and funnels and scoops (in packs of 5). Also there are inexpensive tubs to put the sand into.

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